What Are The Advantages for your Los Angeles Business in enlisting the help of our IT Managed Service Provider?


聽 聽 Managed IT Service Providers (MSP) are experts tasked with handling all aspects of Information Technology needs in various companies. A Los Angeles Managed Information Technology Provider can be the best choice for small to middle-sized Los Angeles businesses. Our Los Angeles Managed IT Service provider can provide a better service experience to your Los Angeles Small Business employees.

聽 聽 聽Today’s digital world has made traditional methods of information storage almost extinct, and Los Angeles Business have not been left out. Nowadays, most business are becoming digital. Striving to achieve an entirely paperless, streamlined workflow for all of their workload, or at least having to rely on thinner stacks of paper roaming around, increasing their reliance upon sophisticated Information Systems for their day to day operations.



Let Zoltis manage your Los Angeles IT Technology Service Needs

聽 聽 聽Some Los Angeles Business hire an in-house IT consultant, which might end up being more expensive and riskier in the long run. Outsourcing these specialized tasks to a Los Angeles Managed IT Service Provider has proven to be a better option for the long run in terms of:

路 Availability
路 Expertise
路 Cost
路 Sustainability
路 Productivity
路 Security
路 Documentation and Disaster recovery


24/7 Technical Support

聽 聽 聽聽Our Los Angeles Managed Service Provider is available around the clock to tend to any emergencies that may arise, ensuring your data is not lost and that your Los Angeles law firm technology runs smoothly, effective and productive. An in-house IT consultant might be on vacation or might not handle emergencies that pop up after working hours.



聽 聽 聽Let’s face it; your internal IT staff can hardly be skillful in all aspects of IT and the vast array of problems that might pop up from time to time. It gets worse if you’re a small business in Los Angeles, you can hardly get an expert to stay as a member of your staff. You’re forced to put up with the revolving door of upcoming IT consultants that expend most of their time and your money on learning about your company’s systems.

Outsourcing your IT needs to our Los Angeles MSP, affords you the opportunity of getting various professionals to handle whatever arises.



聽 聽 聽Without thinking critically, one might think it is cheaper to get an internal IT staff. Critical analysis reveals the opposite. Besides salary, there are other costs associated with having an in-house expert.



聽 聽 聽Your in-house staff might eventually decide to move further up the ladder. That should be great news. However, it might destabilize the essential functions they were taking on, since:

路 They’ll be moving on with specific knowledge, technical procedures specific to your company that might be undocumented. The impact of this lack of documentation leads to more complex issues down the line.

路 Hiring someone else, familiarize them with the specifics of your law firms IT systems and procedures can be a daunting task.

聽 聽 聽All these vulnerabilities stop being a factor when you enlist a capable Los Angeles MSP, as we can stay with your business for as long as you need, documenting procedures, implementing foolproof systems to check on backups, gathering knowledge and executing the proper research of immediate and long term risks that might affect your productivity.


Increased Productivity

聽 聽Information Systems in general, work more effectively, flow smoothly should you count with the right expert that can answer your questions and solve your problems in real-time.

聽 聽Business owners and staff don’t have to bother themselves with IT issues as help desk experts are readily available to work on whichever issues might come up. The peace of mind granted by the confidence that your case management systems and data are safe and streamlined can boost your overall productivity.


Enhanced Security

聽 聽 聽The expertise and experience you will get working with our Los Angeles Managed IT Service Provider can significantly improve your security on the web. Cybersecurity is a big topic, and there are always threats to your data and software on the internet. IT outsourcing affords you a better chance to understand your vulnerabilities and keeping your systems safe.

聽 聽 Our Los Angeles Managed IT Service Provider can assist with all the technical expertise your business needs today!