Business Network, Router & Firewall Management and Configuration Support Service


Every business network is unique, just as every network firewall security configuration is different. Our business networking and firewall consultants understand that there is not one single solution for the optimal security setup for every company. We can plan and configure your entire network tailored to your specific business goals.

We will work with your team to ensure that an achievable strategy is mapped out to your organization’s unique needs, operating systems, and application control protocols



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What is the importance of proper firewall and network management?

In addition to a reliable, robust, stable network server, another part of keeping your company’s system secure is having a proper router, network switches, and firewall in place.

How these components tie together in my business network?

Switches tie together each computer in the office to the business network.

Router (usually provided by your Internet Service Provider) directs the traffic in and out to the internet.

Firewall keeps unauthorized attackers from breaching the company network and stealing or compromising confidential information.

Check our section on the menu to the right several articles on networking components for small business reviews and unboxing.

The worst thing to happen to a small business is network failure.

Problems such as:

1 – no internet access or no email makes it impossible to conduct business.

2 – Internal traffic IP collisions when two or more devices use the same internal IP address

3 – Mismatched devices like switches slowing down traffic by improper daisy-chaining or inadequate speed.

4 – Improper security measures and firewall rules. Businesses are falling victim to hackers each year, which are costing companies millions in unwanted expenses. An adequately configure and serviced network firewall prevents any possible security breaches both from within and externally. Advanced firewall models provide real-time traffic monitoring that goes in or out, blocking unwanted incoming traffic and possibly, thwarting malicious intrusions from malware or viruses.

5 – Wiring and physical connector aging and degradation. Yes! Your network physical connectors and wiring get old and degrade over time. Proper maintenance will ensure aging or damaged components are timely detected and replaced before your business slows down to a halt.

Zoltis Technologies can help keep everything secure with our firewall configuration support and network management. If you need help planning and maintaining the system, or have questions, our qualified technicians can help you with every step of the process.

Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, network security is critical to keeping the company running. Let Zoltis Technologies help you with the process. Our trained staff will be glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have about planning, setting up a router or firewall for your office.