Data Conversion

聽 As your list-based information becomes more complex in other Microsoft Applications (Works/Excel/Others), it becomes more difficult to search and summarize your data; sometimes information is not accurately reflected. To gain greatest benefit from that data, often it makes good business sense to transition to normalized relational tables that can be queried and managed with increased efficiency.

聽 We perform Access Databases design and implementation from existing Excel & Works Databases taking all the features, functionality and existing data already implemented. Data can be imported into Microsoft Access from many data formats so your existing electronic data is never lost. This feature alone can save hundreds of data input hours and information cross-checking. 聽

聽 Even if your data is scattered among several databases, MS Excel tables & MS Works databases we can integrate and interconnect all of your data into a faster tuned system, effective information management is critical to productivity.

聽聽 Do you have existing data in other databases but need to navigate, combine, and update information from these multiple data sources?

聽 Do you need more effective tools to analyze it in order to make more informed decisions?聽 聽

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