I bought a Shared Hosting service, but my site is not visible

1. I bought a Shared Hosting service, but my site is not visible

In these cases one of the most common errors occur when customers buy their domains on a server and want to have another website, which is entirely possible, but needs configuration server name.


In this case we ask our administrator for the name of the server that usually is 2. ns1 and ns2. One gives us the url of the site itself and the second is used for custom mail server with the name of our domain. ej.: myname@mydomain.com

It also often happens that customers choose to have their web site, but want to see the day they buy your domain at least a welcome message. In many cases, the domains can take up to 48 hours to propagate in the network, so it could take a bit to see the intended message of “My Site is under construction” or something like that.

Password access to hosting where hosting your domain should be as strong as they used to access the site cpanel. Do not forget the loss of their domain ou can be fatal for your business.

Another common problem with shared hosting is that sometimes clients request service in a plan that allows you to host multiple domains and have many hosted on the same account web sites, but using different databases and their own urls. Often those who venture to manage their servers without experience tend to forget that they must first create an addon domain as shown in the following figures: