A broad term for a person who uses programming skills and technical knowledge to create and modify computer software and hardware by finding weaknesses and exploiting them, including computer programming, administration, and security-related items.

    Hackers can be motivated by a number of reasons both positive and negative, such as profit, protest, or challenge. Criminal hackers create malware in order to commit crimes. In the early days of computing, hacker was a term used to describe a programmer who had a curiosity and appreciation of programs and systems and how they worked.

     Over time, however, the term gained a negative connotation and began to refer to someone who uses the knowledge to break into other people’s systems to steal information and cause havoc. We also call programmers who use their skills for harm crackers.

     The evolution of computers and information systems has allowed criminal organizations and governments worldwide to hire, organize and use  hackers for political or financial gain over the last decade.

    Information security is crucial in 2020 for the survival of the american society as a whole, as the growing impact of cyber-criminals on our systems becomes an ever growing national security threat.

    Public awareness of information security threats is nowadays fundamental since little can be done to prevent your information to be compromised by hackers, that’s why I have created the definitive guide to computer security for 2020, Go read it NOW !!!


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