show-the-space-used-in-folders [DISKUSE]

DISKUSE (2003 Resource Kit)

Display disk usage.

Syntax DISKUSE path optionsOptions /f:file Store results in file /e:file Store errors in file /u:user Only search for user /s Include subdirectories /t Table format /w Unicode output /q Quiet /? |h Help /r:file Store restrictions in file /o Show only users over the limit /v verbose mode /d:a|c|w Date to display Access | Create | Write :number Display number largest files per user /x:number Display files of number bytes or larger


List the files in the current folder and subfolders in verbose mode
C:demo> DISKUSE /v /s

“Work is achieved by those employees who have not yet reached their level of incompetence” ~ Laurence J. Peter (The Peter Principle)


DIR – Display a list of files and folders
DirQuota – Create and manage quotas(File Server Resource Manager)
DIRUSE – Display disk usage (2000 Resource Kit)
You can also list files with XCOPY /L
FREEDISK – Check free disk space.
FSUTIL – File and Volume utilities
Powershell: (Get-ChildItem C:docs* -recurse) | measure-object -property length -sum
Equivalent bash command (Linux): quotacheck – Scan a file system for disk usage


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