Sometimes, in the corporate environment, we have workbooks in excel that contain a great amount of data and its very common we might need to make some changes to this data.

One disadvantage that we may run into is that when scrolling down the data in the workbook, we are not able to keep in view the column headings, not being sure of what each column contains, we may make some mistakes if we guess the information that is contained in each column.

For instances such as this, Excel has the possibility of “freezing” any needed pane or panes to allow us to always keep in view the column headings.

To freeze the column headings in a workbook, follow these simple steps.

Step 1:

Having the information in the workbook in Excel we can stablish the panes that we want to freeze, in our example, we will freeze the top row.

Step 2:

Click on View and then click on option Freeze Panes

Step 3:

We will need to click on the option to Freeze Top Row  and with that, we will be able to scroll down as much as needed in the workbook while keeping the top row visible at all times with the column headings.

Final Result will be something like this, you’ll be able to scroll while keeping top row in sight.