One way of keeping our inbox organized, is filing away incoming messages from all the different business units within the office in their own independent folders, but, to try to do it manually can be come a long a tedious process.

This process can be a much simpler process just by the creation of rules in order to organize our inbox as soon as new e-mail messages arrive.

To create rules, follow these simple steps:

Step 1:

Click on Rules then on Manage Rules & Alerts

Step 2:

When the Rules and Alerts window pops up, click on New Rule

Step 3:

From the window that pops up, select option Move message from someone to a folder

And click on next.

In the options that follow, select from people or public group, and then click the underlined value towards the bottom, from people or public group to designate the person or persons who’s e-mails you wish to store in a specific folder.

Select or enter the e-mail of the person to include in the new rule, and click on OK

After having selected sender, click on specified folder to browse for the location you wish to tie in to the chosen sender.

Step 4:

Click on Next and then on Finish to finish new rule creation.

After applying this new rule, any incoming e-mails from the specified contact will be moved and stored in the specified folder.