Scanning is the perfect solution for keeping your paper files organized, saving in storage costs, helping to cut down clutter, and helping in archiving needs. Scanning also allows for paper files to be digitized and shared with multiple users within the office, and when attached to an e-mail, with outsiders as well. Network scanning will help with the flow of documents, but sometimes it can be a confusing feature to configure. In terms of scanning, there are many different types, Network Scanning, Scan to E-mail or scanning to desktop. Productivity wise, Network scanning is the most popular type to use at the office, as is the one that will allow everyone to have access to all scanned documents regardless of whoever did the scanning.

Network scanning uses configuration files to transfer the scanned document to a repository, where scanned documents are kept, usually at a file server where all kinds of company data are kept. Scanners either use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or SMB (Server Message Block) to transfer the scanned documents from the multi-function device to the server repository. Once everything is in place, we can go ahead and configure network scanning for the office.

How to configure network scanning using FTP server software:

  • Connect network capable scanner to network
  • Make sure MFD (Multi-function device) does have an IP address on the network
  • Enable FTP protocol on MFD
  • Acquire FTP software for server installation (Filezila FTP server)
  • Followย firewallย and router configuration wizard to be able to let FTPย serverย establish

Connections forย dataย transfer

  • Haveย IP addressย of fileย serverย to be used
  • Create folders inside fileย serverย for scans
    • Here you can create a single repository for everyone, or create individual file folders for each user to have documents separate from everyone else.
  • Add contact to address book of scanner
    • Here you will have to enterย serverย IP asย host
    • Enter the user name and password to connect to FTPย server
  • Test scanning into server
    By using network scanning everyone at the office will be able to scan to a single repository and have easy access to the scanned documents, if it is preferred, individual scan folders can be set so that each staff member will have their own scan folder.