The company’s vital information is stored in employee computers, given the importance of said information to the company; it is a good idea to backup up this information in different places and in different media.

It is good practice to perform daily backups of company data, by doing so you prevent the loss of data necessary for the correct functioning of the company.

To schedule and run backups on windows 7 computers, just follow these simple steps.

Step 1:

Click Start and in text field type in Backup, one of the search results will be Backup and restore, click on it to bring up backup options.

Step 2:

Once the Backup or restore windows comes up, click on Set up backup to start setup process.

Step 3:

In the Set up backup window, you will have the option to set the location where you would like to store the backup, you will be able to choose from the local hard drives on your pc, or specify a network location, which is the recommended option, in case of hard drive failure the backup will be safely stored in another location.

To choose a network location, click on option for network location, and the following windows will pop up.

In the network location field, specify the network location for the network drive and if needed, enter credentials (username and password) to be able access network drive.

To choose a local hard drive as your backup destination, just browse for it and click on OK

Step 4:

To  choose files to backup, choose option Let Me choose  and you will be able to select the folders and documents to include in backup.

Step 5:

When the window with the file location tree comes up, select folders you would like to include in the backup and when you have selected all the folders, click on Next.

Step 6:

If you would like, you can also specify the frequency of the schedule to perform the backups,

In the windows that comes up, click on Change Schedule.

In the window that comes up, you will be able to change the schedule frequency, how often, the days, and the time.

Click on OK, you will be taken back to previous window

Step 7:

Click on save settings and run backup, you have now scheduled backups for your information and will run on a schedule.