Sharing files in a working environment is really useful; one advantage is not having many versions of a same file in different locations, which helps to prevent the loss of information.

There are different ways to share files or folders, some have more options of setting permissions than the others, in this case we will emphasize in Advanced Sharing.

To share a file, just follow these simple steps.

Step 1:

Right click on the folder you want to share, and from the popup menu select the option properties.

Step 2:

In the Properties windows click on the tab Sharing where you should click in the button Advanced Sharing which open the windows, as shown in the next image.

Here you have to activate the option Share this folder and then click in the button Permissions.

Step 3:

Once the Permissions for folder to share window popups you will be able to add the users you whit whom you want to share the folder. Doing click on Add and inserting the username.

Step 4:

Finally you can set the permissions you wish for each user, choosing between the options Full Control, Change and Read.

Read: With this permission the users will only be able to open the files into the shared folder.

Change: The users with this level of permissions will be able to make changes in the files contained in the shared folder.

Full Control: The users with this permission will have the same permissions that the users with Change profile, but also can delete the files inside the shared folder and will be able to set permissions to other users to Read or Change the content of the shared folder.

Click in OK button in all the windows you have open, after this your shared folder should can be accessed for the users you set.