How to enable Multifactor Authentication ( 2FA / MFA ) on Microsoft Office 365

As remote work from home becomes more and more a requirement in this new age of coronavirus infections ( COVID-19 ), Small Business IT managers should enforce zero trust policies and Multifactor Authentication on their organization’s exposed potential surface attack. 

             Not a novelty like the coronavirus, but more important than ever has been, implementing 2FA / MFA in Office 365 applications is one of the many steps you must take to secure your information.  

              Unexposed hackers might gain access to read your emails, get to know your business internal secrets that will empower them to further compromise, send phishing emails and attacks on other fronts within your organization leveraging the implied trust that having  access to your corporate email inbox provides them. 

              Your email inbox represents a treasure trove of exploitable inside information that hackers will leverage to attack your employees, vendors and clients. It might contain passwords provided in an email, tax, payroll information, specifics about the systems your business uses on a day to day basis.            

             In this article we will guide you on how to configure Office 365 MFA authentication using either SMS or Microsoft Authenticator, an app provided by Microsoft that is available on all app stores.  

Please keep in mind that, your Office 365 administrator user might need to enable these features in advance, for you to have access to enable MFA on Office 365. 

To enable Multifactor Authentication, please login to your office 365 account by going to  


1. Type your login email and click on next 

2 -Type your password for the account and click on “Next”

3 -Once you are logged in to your account, please click on the profile picture at the top right corner to expand your account’s menu

4 -Then, click on “My account”

5 -Now please click on Additional security verification under “Security & privacy” on the left-hand side menu.

6-Now please click on the option “Update your phone numbers used for account security”

7-At this point you can select either having your account authenticated with an SMS message or using the Microsoft authenticator application.

You can select either one, select the most adequate, based your preferences, workflow and organization’s policies.

Option A – If you prefer to use SMS, please enter your phone number and click on save.

Option B – If you rather have one more application on your phone,

Select “Set up authenticator App”


8-To continue you will need to install the App “Microsoft Authenticator” in your cell phone. Please look for Microsoft Authenticator on the app store, download and install the application.

On the web page, the assistant will generate a QR code, please scan it using the application installed before, then click next.

Option B – If you rather have one more application on your phone,

Select “Set up authenticator App”


9-Now please wait until the verification is completed.

10-You should see the message below indicating that the process has been completed.

From now on you will be required to authenticate with your preferred method (SMS/Application) when you login to a new computer or once your session has expired on any logged in computers