Managed IT Services for Los Angeles Business Security – What is considered a secure strong password policy?


     People and business alike increasingly continue to embrace the use of the internet and information technology. As this happens, cybercriminals continue to get more opportunities to undertake cybercriminal activities on people and organizations connected to the internet. These criminals may go to any extent to collect passwords which will lead to them to accessing unauthorized information that may be private to a person or sensitive to an organization.

     Cybercriminals do the most damage to Los Angeles Law Firms IT Systems and Los Angeles Businesses IT infrastructure since they have either a financial motive. The many stories in the news about entire cities IT systems breached and data held in ransom for huge payouts make a point for increased law firm IT security and awareness.

     Having secure passwords is one of the many aspects essential to Los Angeles Law Firm IT and Los Angeles Business in general for countering threats by cybercriminals. It is, therefore, necessary to undertake the following steps in securing your passwords combined with a more extensive and secure law firm-wide password policy implementation.



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Password Complexity. Ensure that used passwords are strong and unique.  

   strong password should have, at least more than eight characters, a small case and uppercase letter, symbol, and a number, making it difficult for a hacker to crack. A unique password should be hard to guess. Passwords such as names and birthdays are not unique passwords 


Always change your passwords regularly.  

   It is a good practice to change passwords regularly. Once old passwords are changed, any password security threat goes with the old password.  

   Regularly changing your password is essential if you use the same password on other providers because most likely your password is continually being leaked when one of the services you use is compromised. Service providers are routinely compromised and passwords leaked frequently.  

Rather than change that single password regularly, you should deal with the real problem here and use unique passwords everywhere. 

Different accounts should have different passwords.  

Like we mentioned above, all accounts should have a unique and robust password. This minimizes the risk of all accounts being breached upon finding the password of a single account.  

Employ a two-factor authentication scheme for all your passwords.  

2-factor authentication works by requiring the user to key in some pin digits sent to them through a call, text or email even after inputting the correct password. This ensures that even if a password is stolen, it is difficult to get the pin.  

A password manager is useful in managing multiple passwords 

     It is challenging to maintain complex and unique passwords for each account. Human brains were not created to remember multiple complex passwords reliably. A password manager is vital to help in handling all the passwords and storing them securely. 

    Any business should take password security seriously and ensure enforcing a complex password policy throught the different systems upon which business productivity relies. 

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