In the corporate world there are times when planning timelines for projects where we only have the start and end dates, and we need to figure out how many workdays are in between these calendar dates to plan accordingly.

Excel has a built in function to help us with such a task, saving us time and effort by not having to figure it manually.

Step 1:

We have to plan out the project execution timeline and enter them into an excel worksheet.

Step 2:

Select the cell where you want the result of the formula to be displayed, enter the follow formula =NETWORKDAYS,  here you will be asked to select the cell that contain the start and end dates for the project in order to calculate how many workdays there are in between them.  Select the start date, enter a , (comma) select the End Date, if no holidays in between calendar dates, enter ) to close formula, end press enter to have workdays displayed.

Step 3:

To replicate formula on all other cells, we proceed to copy it by right-clicking on the cell that hold the formula and choose copy

Step 4:

Highlight the rest of the cells under the workdays columns and click on Paste Special

On the window that pops up, choose Formulas and click OK.

All remaining cells should now display the results of the formula applied to each row

To calculate total amount of net working days, you will need to highlight the next available cell in the workdays column, enter the following formular, =sum( highlight all the cell containing the results from the networkingdays formula and press enter to have total of day displayed in that cell.

Total number of days should now be displayed.