Sometimes at work, we download reports where when pasting text some programs do not take into account the formatting of the text. Sometimes text will be all in capitals, all in lower case, or will have the first letter capitalized.

Excel has a function to help us change the format of the text in a cell, all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

From lower to upper case.

Step 1:

If we have all the information on our workbook in lower case and we wish to convert it all to upper case, copy workbook into a new workbook, and erase the cell we wish to modify on the first workbook.

Step 2:

Type =UPPER( and choose same cell on the second workbook where you copied the data into and press enter once you have chosen.

Step 3:

To apply formula to rest of cells, right -click on first cell that contains format and choose paste

Step 4:

After copying cell formatting from first cell, we need to highlight the rest of the cells to apply formatting to, right-click on highlighted area, choose paste special and well get a pop-up with several options.

Click OK, and our workbook will be automatically filled in

And should now look like this: