In the corporate world, Excel is used to keep organized very different types of information, excel includes many useful features to help us with information management.

Sometimes the data repeats itself and previously defined, as an example we can take the names of the states that make up the United States, they would constitute a set of data that would be repeated over and over again and would not vary at all.
When we have data that can be used to fill in needed information, we can use the dropdown lists to, where with just the click on a button, we will be able to use the given information to fill in the needed cells.
To create a dropdown list in excel, we just have to follow the following simple steps.

Step 1:

We first need to have the information that is going to be displayed in the dropdown list in excel

We proceed to select the column where we would like to have the dropdown list appear inside the document, go to Data in the ribbon, and click on Data Validation.

Step 2:

In the Data Validation window

In the Allow field, select List.

Step 3:

Once we do this, Excel will ask for the Origen of the list, to specify the Origin click on the button in the blue square.

Step 4:

Once we click on the button, we will then get a blank field to specify the location of the data for the drop down list. We will need to highlight the cells that contain this information.

Click in the button in the blue square again

Step 5:

Click on OK

After going through the above steps, the chosen cells will now when selected display a dropdown arrow.

Now, all we have to do is pick the name of the state we would like to include for that subject.