Often times when we have a large list of data values we may need to extract specific data information from this list, for example, what are the Largest and Smallest Values in the list.

In order to find out, we can set up a filter with Excel and order from greatest to least or vice versa, as long as it is what we are looking for, but there is another way of getting these two values, that can save us effort and time as well.

Step 1:

Having a worksheet full of data, we proceed to choose a cell in which we would like to have the final result displayed (whether it be the largest or smallest value.

In this example, we are going to choose cell K3

Step 2:

We proceed to type in the formula =MAX( or =MIN( depending on what we need, in our case we will use the formula =MAX(, the only input the formula takes in is the range of cells for comparison.

With just a few simple steps we have obtained in a few minutes the results we were looking for,

In our example, we have obtained the largest surface area in the list.