Sometimes there may be information that is contained in an excel worksheet which we might need to quickly sort to use information to make quick decisions. Sometimes depending on the size of the worksheets, this simple task can become a long and tedious process.

To solve these issues, Excel has a feature called Filters, to apply such filters to a worksheet, just follow these simple steps.

Step 1:

Select top row of the excel file

Step 2:

Once you have selected the top row of the data you wish to filter, click on Sort & Filter icon on the top ribbon, to make the columns be sortable.

After which, worksheet should now look like this

Columns should now have drop down arrows to be able to filter data

Step 3:

To filter data in the columns, all we have to do is click on the drop down arrows, and we will be able to choose filtering options based on the type of data the column holds. For example, if the column has numerical data, some of the options will be to filter by number. In this case we will choose Number Filters > Greater than or equal to

Once selected, a Custom AutoFilter window will come up and we can enter a custom range in the highlited box, and another one below it. Then click the OK button to run filtering.

Once filtering has been applied, the dropdown arrow icon will be changed to a filter icon on the column on which you applied the filter.

You will also be able to sort the filter data by Alphabetical order or Numerical order

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