Sometimes we find in our excel worksheet files are full of data that has bee n entered in a random order or sorted in a different manner that what we actually need.

For occasions such as these, Excel has several options, one of them is Sort from A to Z or Sort from Z to A, for numeric data, we find the options Sort from smallest to largest or Sort from largest to smallest, and by using these options, we can sort our data in the following simple steps.

Step 1:

Select the whole column we want to sort

Step 2:

Once we have selected the column we want to sort, click on Sort & Filter icon, and we will get a drop down menu, with the options list before. In this case with numeric data, we get Sort from Smallest to Largest and Sort from Largest to Smallest.

Step 3:

Once we click on the desired option, we get a pop up window with the following options,

Where we can expand the selecition, where all the information from the excel worksheet will be sorted based on the selected column.

Step 4:

We check over the results to see that all the information has been sorted based on the column we chose on the previous step.