Sometimes we would like to combine the text from different cells in Excel in order to better format the text in those cells. Excel has a feature to combine text from two columns into one column, saving us time and effort by not having to type it all over again.

To combine the content of different cells, just follow these simple steps.

Step 1:

When we have a workbook with data in separate columns, like in our example, where we can see that it is separated by first names, middle names, last names, and mother’s maiden last name, we can combine all data in a single cell using the Excel function of Concatenate.

Step 2:

We write in the “destination” cell using the concatenate function to combine all columns into a single cell, =concatenate(A2,””,B2,””,C2,””,D2), keeping in mind that between each cell, we have to add a space represented by the double quotes (“”).

E2 will have all data from the other columns combined into a single cell

Step 3:

To duplicate the function on the rest of the cells, right-click on E2, the cell that contains the written formula,

And select copy.

Then we select the cells we want to paste the formula into, right-click over them, and click on paste special

Choose Formulas from Paste Special pop-up window and click on OK

Cells should now be populated with the combined text from the other columns.