Due to the fact that Excel is a very popular and heavily used application in the corporate world, it comes loaded with a set of tools to allow users to represent information in various forms making it easier to understand the information being presented.

One of these tools is the insertion of graphs to represent data in tables.

To create a graph from a data table, just follow these simple steps.

Step 1:

Click in Insert menu, in Charts option, choose type of chart to generate.

In this tutorial we will choose Pie Chart.

Step 2:

When choosing Pie Chart, a drop down menu will appear, giving us the option to use 2D or 3D charts.

After choosing type of Pie Chart we want to use, a blank space will appear in the excel worksheet indicating us where the chart is going to appear in the document.

 Step 3: Right-click on the blank area and on the menu that pops-up click on the option to Select Data

Step 4: Once the Select Data Source window appears, click on the button on the upper right hand corner to select the data you would like to use 

Select data you would like to graph, click while holding down shift and highlight chosen data

Click button on the right in Select Data Source window. Step 5: To edit the names for the label that are linked with the data already graphed, click on edit button 

Select on button to Choose Range

Just like on the numerical data, we have to select the axis labels, just click while holding down the shift key at the same time while selecting the labels to be included. Then click on the button to the right of the Axis Labels and click on accept.

Step 6: To finish click on OK button.

If you would like to change the Chart Title, double click on Chart Title, and enter the name you wish to assign to the chart.