This guide is for people who are new to Skype for Business and provides information on how to begin using it to communicate with colleagues.

It is a communications platform that allows you to interact with your contacts using instant messaging (IM), audio and video conversations, and Skype for Business Meetings.


Accessing Skype for Business


  1. Click the Windows start button at the bottom left of your screen
  2. Select All Programs and look for Skype for Business under the Microsoft office folder. When the Skype for Business window appears
  3. Enter your User ID in the format
  4. Enter your Password
  5. Click the Sign in button.


The main Skype for Business window

 When you open Skype for Business, the main Skype for Business window will appear:

Adding a profile picture

If you have uploaded a profile picture to Office 365 through the main portal, it will automatically carry through to Skype for Business.

To upload or edit your picture from within Skype for Business:

  1. Click Options (cog icon SkypeforBusiness3 ) on the Skype for Business main window
  2. Choose Tools> Options
  3. In the Skype for Business Options window, select My Picture from the left-hand panel
  4. Click the Edit or Remove Picture button to upload an image. Office 365 will open.
  5. Browse to select your picture file, then click Save at the bottom right of the screen

– You will be returned to the Skype for Business Options window

  1. Ensure that the Show my picture radio button is selected
  2. Click OK.



When you first start using Skype for Business, it is worth investing some time setting up contacts and groups so that you can easily communicate with people that you frequently interact with.


  1. In the main Skype for Business window start typing the name in the search box.

A list of matching people from your Contacts will appear


  1. Right-click on the required name and select Add to Contacts List, which then gives options of adding to a specific group.


You can also add contacts worldwide from Skype. Type either the person’s name or (if you know it) their Skype name in the search field, but this time selecting the Skype Directory


A list of Skype users will appear. Add them to your Contacts in the same way as you add local contacts.


Making an audio or video call

If you have a microphone, a headset (or speakers) and a webcam attached to your computer, you can use Skype for Business to make and receive audio and video calls.

Skype for Business automatically detects your audio and video devices, but before making an audio or video call you should check that they are set up correctly. To do this:


1.Click the Options menu (cog icon) in the main Skype for Business window

2.Choose Tools>Audio (or Video) Device Settings


To make a call

1.Locate your contact in Skype for Business,

2.Click the Audio or Video icon.


Contacts who have a webcam set up, and so can accept video calls, have Video Capable on their contact details.

When you call a contact, an alert pops up on their screen.

To accept the call, they can click anywhere in the photo area of the pop up (or they can choose to reject the call).

Once in progress, you can control the call by putting it on hold, muting your audio, switching between audio devices, and changing the way the video appears on screen