Organizing your inbox can be an arduous task depending on the amount of e-mail messages that you have to organize, an option would be to create rules for incoming mail, but at the same time keeping the process as simple as possible, not making more complicating than it has to be.

A solution to this inconvenience is to use Search Folders as we will be able to organize our inbox and help with all the incoming messages, to do so, just follow these simple steps.

Step 1:

Right Click on Search Folders on the left hand size pane in MS Outlook and click on New Search Folder….

Step 2:

Once the New Search Folder pops up, you will see many options to help you organize your inbox, we can select from the group of options Mail from people and lists then select the option Mail from specific people, then it will ask us who we want to include in the new folder.

Step 3:

When the Global Address List window comes up, you will see different options to search for the names of the contacts you would like to include. First option will be to use the search field in the top, choosing to search by name only and clicking on GO.

Second option would be to choose from the listing shown in the windows the name of the contact that you wish to add, just double click on it to select it.

Third option will be useful in case we know the e-mail addresses of the contacts we would like to include in the search

To finalize, we click on the OK button in the Global Address list window then click agaion on the OK button in the Search Folder window this way the new search folder will be created.