Sharing folders into a business network can be very useful, because very often the information that belongs to a department should be accessed for everyone in that department of the company, and some times more than one persona should be able to edit that information.

You can share a folder just following this simple steps.

Step 1:

Find the folder you want to share.


Step 2:

Right click over the folder and select Share with option


Step 3:

Once the Shared Files Windows popups, you will be able to add as many users as you want to give permissions to see or edit the files into the folder, using the text box next to Add Button and then pressing it. When you add the user you should choose between Read and Read and Write options.


Step 4:

After you add all the users you want, click on Share button.


Once you do that, will appear the next window, with the information of the shared folder, giving you the URL to access it, you can send it via Email to the users you give permissions or you can use it as a network drive on your computer.


To learn how to map a network drive in your computer, click here.