How to set up a secondary clock in Windows 7

Every once in a while you or someone at work may need to know the current time in different places, without investing valuable time making calculations.

Windows 7 has included the option to configure more than one clock in our taskbar.

Here’s a short step-by-step tutorial to set up different clocks in our computer with Windows 7.

 Step 1:

Click on the system’s clock.

A window will come up on the screen where the current local date and time are displayed.

Step 2:

Click on Change date and time settings. This will bring up the Date and Time window, with different options. We should be able to see the Additional Clocks tab. Click on it.

Step 3:

After clicking on Additional Clocks, check the Show this clock box. Select the desired time zone for your alternate clock, and type in a name for it, as shown below.

Click OK to finish.

We’ve set up a secondary clock. Now, to display it, all we have to do is click on the system’s clock whenever we need to know the time in the specified city.