Los Angeles Backup Consultant – Synology Small Business NAS unboxing

Β  Β  In this video, we show how to upgrade an existing set of RAID 5 drives (composed of four 1 TB hard drives) to larger drives by executing a qnap expansion on the existing raid, for this video we used a QNAP TS-453A NAS unit.

Β  Β  Β This method will work for any QNAP and RAID array level .Specifically on this video I will show you how tol upgrade from four x 1 TB drives to four x 4 TB drives, once the drives have been physically replaced and the RAID 5 array rebuilt, I will show you how to expand the RAID group and expand your storage pool as well to enable using the entire raid5 available storage once expanded to provide additional redundant raid protected space for your file backups, videos, pictures and business data.

Used on this video:

QNAP TS-453A 4-Bay Professional Grade Network Attached Storage:

4TB Hard drives:

The embedded qnap QTS system allows for additional features to be installed and deployed in minimal time, making the application of this cheap nas virtually limitless. The QTS OS is regularly updated across all QNAP devices empowering business users to update nas continually adding a plethora of new features and capabilities.


Β Β  Β  Most Network attached storage units (NAS for short) come nowadays with RAID expansion capabilities to allow users to grow the total storage available without compromising to a settle on smaller hard drives as newer and bigger hard disks come to market.

QNAP NAS storage units are packed with features that will enhance your productivity and workflow, from several RAID levels including but not limited to:


They also have advanced functionalities like virtualization, virus protection, torrent management, VPN, cloud synchronization and many other capabilities you can freely download.